“No¬†one but you can do what you need to do to make things happen for you. I have always known that to be true. Just like the fact that all young people need a chance. to feel life is an opportunity. I am not talking about pretending that we can all count on on inventing an app that will one day make us millions. It’s better to work at something real. Something that pays now and in the future.

I read about lots of digital gurus who tell you it’s all about attitude. I think that’s easy for them to say when they have already made it. For me it’s about building something that works for me as an individual. That’s what a tmap apprenticeship is doing for me. It’s all about personal plan, a contract that is built around a real job with prospects.

You get to work for real every day. That’s your day job as an SEO, PPC, Display ad, affiliate, email exec etc. But you also get to think about the bigger picture once a week with a tutor who has been there an got a whole wardrobe full of T-Shirts in digital marketing.

At the end of the day, you get a professional qualification in digital marketing. That’s great, but best of all, you get to keep the job and all the time you have been earning enough to build skills and personal confidence that make you unique. Being a tmap digital marketing apprentice has helped me to grow as a professional and as a person. It’s not on the curriculum but it is what happens. How cool is that?”

Curtis Palmer, tmap Digital Marketing Apprentice

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