“Few people make it to the top by accident. They plan things. That’s not to say thing always go according to plan. In fact, I hear that no plan survives contact with reality. But that doesn’t mean you don’t try.

The thing is you can’t really do anything on your own these days. Everything is about collaboration and breaking down barriers together as we work. Even a marathon runner needs a trainer and a support team that help them build strength and feed them water and energy bars along the way.

I never feel alone on my tmap apprenticeship. I’ve got a whole team of people that care about me. In particular, a tutor who wants to see me do well and would take it as a personal failure if somehow I didn’t.

What he asks in return is commitment.  He wants you to positively get stuck in every day, every hour, every minute. Even when you are not in the one day a week workshop. The thing is, he is a perfect example of how you build a career in marketing on a minute by minute basis. He is still working hard because he loves marketing and teaching. Information meets inspiration. That’s what we say about him.

It’s seems when you do something you love, you feel like you have endless energy. Releasing that personal drive and a desire to do well is what a tmap apprenticeship is all about.”

Harsha McCardle, tmap Digital Marketing Apprentice

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