“We work for a levy-paying employer that’s part of a group of companies. It means they can collate funds into a single account. You can check out the rules on how to register connected organisations.

From tmap’s point of view, it helps to set up one day a week where all apprentices from the various connected companies get together and focus on mastering digital marketing. Although the companies are in different business sectors, they are all looking to recruit and train enthusiatic digital natives like us who can plan, impairment and co-ordinate online and technology driven marketing activities to drive customer acquisition, customer conversion and customer retention.

Our tmap digital marketing apprenticeship is mapped against the government’s Apprenticeship Standards for Digital Marketer. The standard outlines:

  • Candidate Profiles
  • Expected Roles
  • Entry requirements
  • Technical competencies
  • Technical Knowledge and Understanding
  • Underpinning Skills, Attitudes and Behaviours
  • Qualifications
  • Professional recognition
  • Duration.

According to the Standards, the tmap framework includes three specific Knowledge Modules: Principles of Coding, Marketing Principles, Digital Marketing Business Principles.

To ensure that the assessment process we go through rigorous and fair, tmap work with independent accreditation partners BCS to develop a Qualification Specification for each of the three Knowledge Modules, under the following headings:

  1. About BCS 3
  2. Equal Opportunities 3
  3. Introduction to the qualification 4
  1. 3.1  Qualification summary 4
  2. 3.2  Purpose of the qualifications 4
  3. 3.3  Structure of the qualifications 5
  4. 3.4  Prior learning 5
  5. 3.5  Learner progression 5

4. Units 6

  1. 4.1  Guidance on the qualifications’ content 6
  2. 4.2  Learning outcomes and assessment criteria 7

5. Assessment 16

  1. 5.1  Summary of assessment methods 16
  2. 5.2  Availability of assessments 16
  3. 5.3  Grading 16
  4. 5.4  Externally assessed units 16
  5. 5.5  Specimen assessment materials 16
  6. 5.6  Support materials 16
  7. 5.7  Access to Assessment 16

As you can see, the tmap apprenticeship is comprehensive and detailed in every way. What’s just as important, is that the tutor is someone who has helped to write the rule book on digital marketing.

He has over 35 years or award and business-winning experience in brand, direct and digital, has been a Fellow of the IDM (Institute of Digital, Direct and Data-driven Marketing) for seventeen years, has a Postgraduate Qualification in Education, has contributed to a number of academic books on the subject, is a keynote conference speaker on marketing automation and digital channels.

We see him one day a week and he crams years of experience and passion for the subject into every session. Progress is rapid and designed to be relentless from day one to the graduation celebrations. What he reminds us, however, is that for each of us and our companies, this is just the beginning.”

Mark Nuttall, on behalf of the tmap Digital Marketing Apprentices from Jam Partnership, Cyborgg and Oskav




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