Tim: I met Suzi while travelling in Malaysia

Suzi: I was with a friend from Reading and she introduced me to her boyfriend’s friend

Tim: Turns out we live down the road from each other

Suzi: We hit it off from the get go

Tim: We were both into Snapchat

Suzi: And thinking about finding work when we got home to pay for our gap year before we went off to university

Tim: A friend told us about these tmap digital marketing apprenticeships.

Suzi: getting paid to study something we already loved?

Tim: a no brainer

Suzi: We got jobs with companies looking to hire apprentices and pitched the idea of doing it through tmap. They are based in the Thames Valley area but the tutor is world class.

Tim: Famous marketing authors quote him in their books and he has literally worked on digital for the biggest businesses in the world.

Suzi: a no brainer

Tim: In digital marketing, no two days are ever the same. There is always some new tool to work with, insight to be discovered, campaign response to analyse. Every day is challenging. And that’s what makes it so enjoyable. There is never a dull moment. How cool is that?

Suzi: The on day a week workshops are designed to help you react to any digital marketing challenge a logical but also creative way. I am able to think about context, objectives, strategy, tactics and budgeting in a way that my boss thinks is amazing. I love the way she trusts us to do a good job. What more could you ask for when you are 19 years of age? Apart from a pay rise or promotion of course.”

Tim: We now appreciate there is more to digital life than Snapchat

Suzi: Are you referring to pay rises and promotions Tim?

Tim: No. I mean saving up for our next trip

Suzi: New York! You can’t beat earning and learning at the same time

Tim Mars and Suzi Tan, tmap Digital Marketing Apprentices

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