Andy: Lots of our school friends came under pressure to head off to Uni where they were looking forward to getting an academic qualification…

John: But not so happy about racking up a pile of student loan debt

Andy: We took the alternative pay as you earn route and signed up for an apprenticeship in Digital Marketing with tmap

John: Our employer and the tmap team work together to develop a training plan for each of us. It’s designed to turn us into experts the company can depend on as marketing continues to change at an ever increasing speed

Andy: At the end off the course, we are looking forward to the fact that our tmap digital marketing apprenticeships transition into permanent positions. During the course, I get pay, sick pay, holiday pay and time off to study. John and I can now look forward to moving  in together

John: Can’t wait. In return for a ton of hard work, you get an amazing teaching experience that makes you better and better at the job after each training session

Andy:  And our employer has told us she definitely doesn’t want to lose us when  we graduate

John: Our tutor, who we see once a week, is so experienced that he is helping us to develop our professional approach to work. It’s not just what you do. It’s the way that you go about it that counts

Andy: And the best bit is…

John: We get valuable skills and to graduate without a stockpile of debt. The beard, by the way, is an optional extra.

Andy: Wait what?

Andy Matthews and John Wilson, tmap Digital Marekting Apprentices

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