“I love travelling. I took a gap year straight out of school and it changed everything for me. I decided that university would basically put travel on hold for several years while I got to work studying full time… probably having to work to stay in the game.

Then I discovered tmap digital marketing apprenticeships. I  now work in a travel agency as a digital marketer. To ensure that my skills are cutting-edge, I go one day a week to train with my tmap tutor and a group of other digital marketing apprentices.

Each workshop is really intense. We are expected to turn up on time and worked solidly through the whole day. There is so much information to absorb and think about how it applies to our everyday jobs that you have to be really up for it.

The tutor has taught digital marketing all over the world, from London to New York, Singapore and Hong Kong to name but a few places I would love to visit.  He has worked with companies such as: Nat West, Lloyds, Schroders and GE Capital, Volvo, The AA, National Canine Defence League, Vodafone, Abbey National, Amex, Equity & Law, Volvo, VW, Renault, Mobil, Budget Car Rentals, Action for Blind People, Eurotunnel, Bacardi, American Airlines, The FT, Calor Gas, Halifax Building Society Old Spice and Durex… too name but a few.

At the same time he was getting campaigns out the door for clients for over 35 years, he also worked as a professional trainer for close to 20 years.  He has always been an  mentor to young people working in the marketing industry. Now I get to take advantage of all that knowledge and experience without having to pay a penny for it.

All of funding for my tmap apprenticeship comes from the apprenticeship levy my employer has to pay to HMRC. That money can only  be invested in apprentices like me. So now I get a great tutor, amazing skills and a pay packet at the same time. Which means, I’m always looking forward to my next trip away while also looking forward to every chance I get to apply my learning in the workplace. When you love what you doing it’s like being on holiday every day.”


Helen Cannon, TMAP Digital Marketing Apprentice

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