“Anyone can take advantage of funding from the special levy their employer pays has to pay if the company has a payroll of over £3m. That applies to so many companies in the Thames Valley region that chances are that your company is just waiting for you to say, “I want to do a tmap Digital Marketing Apprenticeship.

After leaving school and deciding to work rather than go to university, (I didn’t want the debt),  I got a job as a digital apprentice at a local company and they put me on the tmap apprenticeship scheme.

They work with trap because they showed them them on how to set up the apprenticeship contract and get to work on turning my potential into talent. There are people from all kinds of companies in my apprenticeship group. We have been working on developing coding, marketing and digital marketing skills that we can put to work from day one.

The tutor is an award winning professionals who has been working in digital marketing since day one. In fact, he has worked in brand, direct and digital marketing for over 30 years. So he really knows his stuff. He has helped to build some of of the biggest digital brands in the world. He also know how to make every training session enjoyable. Best of all, he knows how to turn every apprentice into a self-confident professional capable of analysing any marketing context and creating an actionable and accountable plan of action.

When I graduate, I will get a recognised professional award to changes my CV forever. in the meantime, I get to develop skills that make me an even more valuable asset to the company I am currently working for. Before the tmap apprenticeship course, I had no career development plan. That is no longer the case. What’s more, I earn enough money to enjoy the other passion in my life, skateboarding.

For me, the days of  doing ollies onto a railing or pulling out a 1080 on a quarter pipe down at the park on a sketchy deck are over. My sick cruiser takes me away from the commuter bikers, bus, and scooter brigade. And it’s all down to my hard work, a great boss, an amazing tutor and my righteous tmap apprenticeship.”

John Coombs, tmap Digital Marketing Apprentice

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