“I am technically a mature student compared to others in my tmap digital marketing apprenticeship cohort. For me, the course is about developing my skillset.

I’ve been working in a print shop for a number years and kind of know everything there is to know about the print game. However, it isn’t difficult to notice that everything is shifting towards digital. By understanding digital marketing, I hope to be able to make the transition into digital within my existing role.

My tmap tutor knows how both mediums work. He has worked on brand, direct and digital campaigns that integrate all of the disciplines at the highest level. In particular he has helped me explore how blending digital and physical marketing will shape much of what we do in the future.

Perhaps the most important thing is that my company can use their own levy funding to cover the entire cost of the tmap apprenticeship. I spend one day a week working with the tutor and my peer group at a really cool venue. We cover so much ground in a single day as I come back to the office full of ideas and action plans. Its challenging and exciting  in equal measure.

I think nothing you learn goes to waste and that my tmap apprenticeship is helping me build on the knowledge I already have which is so reassuring. To me, the more skills you have, the more adaptable you are, the more likely you are to keep your job in the face of automation.

If you’re looking for an apprenticeship that gives you professional knowledge and and an incredible  sense of confidence, then a tmap digital apprenticeship is right for you. You will find age is no barrier to personal development on this course.

In the past, I used to meditate to destress, now I practice mindfulness to appreciate life’s simple pleasures.  Something the tutor put me onto. You’ll be amazed at the skills you will pick up on this course.”

Sally Pierce, tmap Digital Marketing Apprentice

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