“Life is an exploration of your gifts. You can’t be sure what’s around the next corner so it is best to find ways of making every day count. I have always had a passion for music and was the resident school DJ.  I would never have thought that I could be working for a company that appreciates the other skills I bring to the job while also investing in me upgrading my skills in digital marketing.

I worked hard at school and got a good set of A-level exam results. They were good enough to get me into pretty much any university, but the idea of being saddled with tons of debt just didn’t appeal to me. Life is too short for that kind of pressure, so I hooked up with a company that was looking for digital marketing apprentices. Basically, it means I am developing a really amazing set of skills while also being out of fund my passion for music in the evenings and weekends.

My tutor is old enough to be able to spot where most of the mash up beats  I use come from. He also emphasises the importance of sound in digital marketing. It often gets overlooked by people who are producing video. They spend all their time focusing on the screen without understanding that the audio track plays an equally important part.

In our weekly classes, we work our way through  the coursework but we also pick up on a whole load of advice on how professionals behave and the tips and tricks of the trade. It couldn’t be more interesting.  I guess there are lots of apprentice courses you could take, but I can guarantee they won’t be run by a tutor with close to 40 years of experience in marketing or was played in bands since they were a teenager. I am still struggling to explain the difference between Breakbeat and Crunk to him, but we will get there  by the end of the course. At which point, having graduated with a tmap digital marketing apprenticeship qualification, I will have guaranteed my job, developed my CV and career prospects, and ,will probably have upgraded my decks. Life is good.”

Jojo, tmap Digital Marketing Apprentice

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